EK19 transparent sealed food storage plastic box

This product to be introduced today is our new kitchen product. It has a beautiful appearance and strong practicality. Let me introduce this product in detail.

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You will be interested in the performance of the sealed fuel tank that will be introduced soon. The first thing to introduce is the practicality of this product. It has a strong sealing property, which can fully prevent water loss, extend the storage time of food, prevent the entry of external air and bacteria, and fully prevent the decay of food and articles. I believe this is what many customers care about. At the same time, we also designed a buckle design to prevent the lid from slipping, so customers can be more confident when using this product. At the same time, a plastic edge is added to the edge of the bowl to prevent the risk of the bowl breaking in case of accidental fall. And the edges of the bowl are very smooth, which is very safe after our professional treatment. Customers don't need to worry about the risk of scratches and other problems. After our thickening treatment, the product will not be easily broken and is very solid. Secondly, its load bearing capacity is strong, which can fully meet the needs of customers. The raw materials used are healthy and green PP raw materials. At the same time, its appearance is transparent and visual, very beautiful. There are 19 sets of this series of products, which can be used to hold various things, such as rice, noodles, snacks, biscuits, etc. There are large capacity and small capacity, there are various models, customers can choose according to their needs.

Thanks for reading this article,we are appreciating for your letter,and we will offer you our best service.This chair is one of our hot sale products and I believe that if you know more about our company,you will feel more interested in our product.We are looking forward to your letter.Wish you have a great day!

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