70 multifunctional combination storage plastic cabinet

This product to be introduced today is our new product. It has a beautiful appearance and strong practicality. Let me introduce this product in detail.

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This product is a 70CM double door storage cabinet newly launched by our company.Its design style is simple and attractive, with large capacity and classification characteristics. It has five layers in total. Each layer has a layer of small drawers to store small items and a layer of large drawers to store large items. It is very convenient. The color of each layer can be freely selected by customers. And this wardrobe has a strong load-bearing capacity, without fear of being easily damaged. It can bear the weight of an adult when the bag is empty. It is very stable. With top storage, movable pulley, barb stab anti falling buckle, it is very safe and fully caters to customer needs.

If you are interested in this set of products, please come to consult. Thank you for watching. Have a good day.

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70 (3)
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