66 drawer plastic multifunction storage cabinet

This product is very similar to the previous one, the difference is that it is more beautiful and more convenient to store things and has more space.There are 4 highlights quality choice for you.Healthy PP material,Strong bearing capacity,Physical capacity,Tool-less installation.We have enhanced its load-bearing capacity by reinforcing thick material.After our high-quality and high-standard screening, the pp material can now be used with confidence, and the baby can touch it with confidence, making it a truly healthy and hygienic product.

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This item and other models are fairly comparable. The difference is that it has a more attractive appearance. It looks like a cute little bunny, which makes it easy to store things and gives it more room. Healthy PP material, robust bearing capacity, physical capacity, and tool-free installation are the available four highlights. We reinforced the thick materials to increase their bearing capacity. A completely healthy and hygienic product, PP materials can now be used and handled with confidence following our high-quality and high-standard screening.

You can store baby food and other items completely because to its tier-based storage. Its product has a roller setting just like other products, but this roller is less difficult to clean than other products.You can use it with confidence because it makes less noise when pushed. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and patterns that we have produced.

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