The magic weapon of millions of collectors. The plastic storage box is great!

There are a lot of things at home. If you don’t tidy them up properly, they will look messy. When you don’t use them, they can be neat. Once you use them up, they will be a battlefield. At this time, the plastic storage box shows its powerful role.
Plastic storage box
Many people in life have the experience that there are too many things at home, and they can’t find anything they need, and they often run out of the house when they are not in use.
Plastic storage box is also called plastic sorting box, plastic storage box, plastic sorting box and plastic storage box
Made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP, it is safe and non-toxic. HDPE material is soft and flexible, and is generally the first choice for household clothing storage
More and more families tend to use storage boxes to organize their items. (To tell you quietly, this is the sharp weapon of millions of storage engineers!) It is fashionable in appearance, convenient and practical, more space-saving, able to store all kinds of clothes and other small items of life at will, and can effectively prevent the invasion of various moths for a long time, not susceptible to moisture, moth-proof and mildew-proof;

Application scenario

Cloakroom (cabinet): The bedroom is the cloakroom (cabinet) for storing the worst-hit areas. Here are the holes you have entered, the water you have entered into your brain, and the clothes that have been put into the cold palace Countless T-shirts, no right socks, and seasonal clothes are directly stacked in the wardrobe. When you use them, you can find what you want to wear directly from the inside. As a result, wearing wrinkled clothes makes you look particularly listless and untidy. Use the storage box to collect the clothes in the wardrobe in categories.

The girls’ dresser is the most difficult to store, with irregular shape, different size and small size; Similar jewelry: necklaces, watches, round rings, earrings, etc., as well as some small ornaments worn on the body at ordinary times. The drawer-type storage box can protect the jewelry from dust and loss; In addition to jewelry, girls’ cosmetics are a major disaster area. Trapezoidal storage boxes, skin care products and cosmetics can make the table clean;

Bowls, dishes, pots, shovels and other items in the kitchen are commonly used. It is hard to avoid being beautiful to pile them all on the kitchen table, so the kitchen storage box is very necessary;

Post time: Sep-28-2022