Storage box for easy storage tools in wardrobe

There are four kinds of storage tools commonly used and easy to use in the wardrobe: hanger, storage box, storage box and drawer.
01 Storage box in wardrobe
The storage box is one of the most important storage tools in the process of sorting. It is widely used to store items in various scenes, such as clothes, vegetables, stationery and other small items.

Why use the storage box?
One of the advantages of sorting is that all items are clear at a glance, easy to handle and do not affect each other. The best storage method for this purpose is vertical storage. The storage box is to use the “wall” function around and on the bottom to assist the standing of articles, so as to achieve the purpose of vertical storage.

In the wardrobe, the storage box most often stores seasonal clothes.
Of course, you can also store off-season clothes. For example, I am particularly afraid of trouble, and the space is enough, so I put the thin off-season clothes in the storage box vertically, and put them in the secondary/infrequent area of the wardrobe. Just change the position of the storage box when the season changes.
Note that the storage box should be covered with cloth or box cover to avoid dust.

Vertical folding, vertical storage
Vertical folding. Its essence is to fold the clothes into a rectangle, then fold them in half, and finally turn them into small squares that can stand.
Vertical storage. One side of the folded clothes is flat and smooth, and there are many layers on the opposite side. When storing, pay attention to the flat and smooth side upward, which is more convenient to find and take.
Some friends don’t want to spend more time folding clothes in half, so they fold the clothes into a rectangle, and then roll them up and store them vertically. Personally, as long as you can stand up and achieve the purpose of being clear at a glance, easy to handle and put without affecting each other, and don’t care about your appearance, you can do anything.

02 Selection of wardrobe storage box
Size, material and color
Size: Please measure accurately according to the size of your drawer or laminate before purchasing.
Material: The clothes storage box should be made of rigid plastic material, which is more friendly to clothes.
Color: The color of the storage tools and the color of the furniture should be coordinated as much as possible. Choose storage articles with low color saturation to make them more tidy, such as white and transparent colors.

Post time: Sep-28-2022